How I Got Involved in Deliverance

You don’t choose to get involved in deliverance ministry, God chooses you.

My first deliverance ministry came about involuntarily. I was with two others who were part of my prayer group, having fun and fellowship and dinner at the KFC that momentous night. Someone we knew came up to us, and said God told him to look for a group that was in unity, and ask them to help him get rid of a spirit. And he spotted us.

We already knew he had a spirit — we could see it in his eyes — what we didn’t know was whether we could deliver him. But he was keen, and I was the leader, and I thought, ‘Well, no harm trying’. He led us to his office. I asked him to sit in the centre, while I sat behind him and the other two were at his side. We started praying very fervently as we didn’t know what else to do.

Then, I heard the Lord say, “Lay hands on him.” At the same time, Jenny, sitting on my right, looked at me with big eyes and said, “I think we should lay hands on him.” I didn’t really want to, but I obeyed, putting my right hand on his back and uttering the first words that came to mind: “Spirit, be gone!” To my surprise, power shot out from my hand, he fell from his chair and lay crouched on the ground for a number of seconds while our prayer volume increased immensely! After a while, he opened his eyes and said with astonishment, “The spirit is gone!”

He explained he had tried to command it to leave by himself, but nothing happened until he sought God, heard from Him and found us. He also told us that when he fell from the chair, he blacked out for a while as the spirit left him.

Many years later, I bumped into this man in a gathering and I could see that his eyes were still clear. He confirmed he had remained free from that issue and in the meantime he’d gotten married. His wife definitely got a much better man.

I also learned a key lesson from that eventful night: In order to have an effective prayer ministry, the group has to be on good terms with one another and united in purpose before His power would flow. God works in the midst of love.

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