Bloganuary Day 9

I laughed when I saw the prompt. Because I’m an Asian communicating in a Western environment, the assumptions about me can be quite comical.

First, I did not bomb Pearl Harbour. I wasn’t even born then; in fact, I’m not even Japanese. I’m Chinese, my birthplace is Singapore, a British colony then. Now Singapore is an independent country, 4000 km away from China (look up Google maps). In other words, it’s not in China.

And yes, I speak English fluently. I know many Chinese people don’t, but I do. In fact, many Singaporeans speak English fluently because it’s the country’s working language.

No, I don’t speak Chinese, unfortunately. In school, I had an option to choose Chinese or Malay, I chose Malay as it was anglicised and much easier to learn. In later years, it was made compulsory for students to study a second language in their mother tongue, and it is to their advantage as many Singaporeans have found it easy to get around in China and even work there.

And yes, I do speak up. There are many decent people out there, and I won’t know who they are unless I stand up and speak out — or in this case, write a blog. I know many Chinese people don’t, especially those of the older generation because of centuries of oppression. But I am different because I am walking in the freedom that Jesus Christ has bought for me.

6 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 9”

  1. Great response to the prompt…I am pleased you are speaking up and had nothing to with Pearl Harbour -smile- …it seems the sins of the father are still being visited on their sons…


  2. I can SO relate as an Asian American in Asia. When I saw today’s prompt I was like ‘Oooooo’ this one’s rich and creamy! 😛 But of course, I haven’t written it yet. Hahahaha.

    When we went to Malaysia it was fun learning the language, as it seems straightforward. And folks were so appreciative that we made the effort even though there are plenty of folks who speak English there. But haven’t made it to Singapore yet — yet!


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