Bloganuary Day 23

“So how did you meet this man, whom you think is so special?” I asked a little sceptically.

“I was on the streets, looking for ‘business’,” she said coyly. Mary usually dressed like a model, with smooth black hair, impeccable makeup, stylish clothes sitting well on her — she was stunning. But today, she wore blue shorts and a white T-shirt, her long hair in a pony tail, face makeup-free which meant small acne scars showed up on her pale skin.

“And this man came up to me from around the corner. I thought I would have some business today. But he was… unusual. He wasn’t looking up and down my body as they usually do. He was looking right into my eyes.” Mary looked faraway as she recalled the memory.

“His eyes were bluer than blue, and I felt myself drawn right in; there was so much depth in them, such understanding — I felt he knew the deepest secrets of my heart — and yet, and yet… it sounds so trite, but I felt he loved… he loved me.” The last few words came out in a rush, almost as if she couldn’t quite believe it.

“I was stunned. Then I cried, and I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t even know why I was crying. And then when I looked up, he was gone”.

Mary was crying again, and I fumbled for a tissue. I waited as she wiped away her tears and blew her nose. She asked:

“Do you know who this man is?” I thought she already knew, as I’d spoken about him before. But I guess she wanted me to say it, so I did.

“Sounds like Jesus,” I said.

“Can He appear and disappear, just like that?” Mary asked incredulously.

“Well, He has been known to do that on rare occasion,” I answered with a small smile.

“Why did He appear to me?”

“Perhaps He was answering the cry in your heart — to be loved. Not used.” Mary stared at me, looked down, then looked away; tears were forming in her eyes again.

I knew it was going to be a long day.

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