Eyes to See Love


A friend saw Love in the clouds
Another friend saw much Love in the clouds
What do you see?

For me, I didn’t see — I sensed Love coming through the clouds.

Let me back up a bit for those of us who are still new to the things of the Spirit.

We receive from God through seeing, sensing and hearing. Most of us tend to favor one out of the three ways of perceiving God. I usually sense more than I see or hear God. My friends are usually seers. Others perceive God ministering to them mainly through the Word.

If you don’t know how you receive from God, study the scriptures. There are seers, sensers, hearers and dreamers! From these examples, you can place what kind of a receiver you are.

God communicates with us spontaneously, like the wind, whenever He pleases. All we need to do is learn to receive.

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