A Season of Quiet

I have been cutting down from social media activities since the beginning of this month, and it has led to an increasingly greater quietness within. I don’t know how long this season will last — the last time God led me into this, it was for 10 years — but I’m enjoying it. I wonder if this is a little of how the saints of old felt when they retreated into the cells of their monasteries or into their caves to seek Him.

“A little” as I’m not living the ascetic lifestyle they lived, but as I cut down on my activities, I become more aware of how social media saps our soul and distracts us from ourselves. Conversely, as we step away from all the noise, we become aware of the inner stirrings of our heart and so can tend to them; as we tend to them, a greater wholeness and quietness settles within.

Most people I know live in frantic interaction with others and pay scant attention to their own selves, and it’s to their loss. Frankly, I think many people don’t want to look at what’s in their heart. But as we do, as we pay attention and tend to our own heart, the reward is peace and quiet within and a greater awareness of the presence of God.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8, ESV)

(Picture was taken at the Learning Forest, Singapore Botanic Gardens).

3 thoughts on “A Season of Quiet”

  1. So profound and so true. I can’t believe you’ve had 10 years of “being quiet”, I’m a talker and if I’m quiet for longer than an hour, my friends and husband start to worry about me. Haha. I think you’re so right about social media and it’s powerful distraction from what’s really going on inside us. I am inspired by you and another blogger to cut down on my time on social media and to just spend time listening to the quiet voice within. Praying God blesses you as you go on your gentle journey xx

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  2. ‘Many people don’t want to look at what’s in their heart…’
    This, 🔝 here, is why we’re no longer self-reflective; we’re afraid to face our own ‘demons’, as it were, so we project unto others instead. Hence the toxicity and noise on most social media interactions.
    Thanks for this…much needed at this time.

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