Steps to Keeping Your Healing

Start with a clear idea of what the issue is that you received ministry for.

An example is a strained relationship; every time you think of the person, you think of all the things that you could have, should have, done but didn’t. There’s pain, there’s regret, there are inner vows to never ever… (fill in the blanks). As the emotional pain keeps nagging away and doesn’t leave, you decide to contact your counsellor and arrange a time, praying for God to work during the session.

Then, you receive the ministry. What I have noticed is that after the ministry, some people forget what happened. Things may have changed for the better, but they attribute it to circumstance or their own personal resolve. As far as they are concerned, the ministry was a non-event, it was their own doing that caused the change. So there’s no praise, no thanksgiving to the Lord, no testimony to share.

In the Old Testament, a public offering of thanks is customary. It is a declaration to all that God is intensely interested in our lives and builds faith in others. When we testify, we add to our storehouse of memories of God’s faithfulness that becomes a bulwark of strength in times of adversity that are sure to come.

So it’s important to do something to remember the event. Keeping a diary is an effective way. Remember to note the following:

  1. What happened?
  2. What did God say or do in the session that impacted you? I had a client whom the Lord ministered to in such a deep place that she said, “Stop, stop. I must write it down and have it on my Screensaver!”
    1. Time and again, recall that wonderful moment; drink deeply from it as you relive it in your mind and heart. Give thanks to the Lord your healer.
  3. Next, note changes in your behavior in real life. For instance, your enemy’s speech or behavior doesn’t hurt you anymore. Celebrate that.
    1. Let your ministry giver know about the change. Have her celebrate with you too!
  4. Continue to read and pray Scriptures in your quiet time. This is most important. It’s your daily connection with the Lord that helps keep you whole. Note any fears, worries and other negative feelings that bubble up; talk these over with the Lord until you have a sense of peace. If you don’t have a sense of peace after trying to deal with issues on your own or with a friend, it’s time to contact your trusted counsellor again.
  5. The reality is that healing is an ongoing journey, even for the most experienced prayer ministers. We are all going through a sanctification process and time and again, we need help from one another.
  6. There will be seasons when you’ll be very active in pursuing your healing, and seasons when you will be resting in what you have gained.

When I compare myself now with how I was when I first met the Lord, the difference is immense and I’m grateful.

The abundant life that Jesus mentioned is real, but it’s not handed to us on a platter. We have to work for it.

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Finding Keys to Freedom

Some dreams are prophetic.

In the late 90s when I started work in church, I dreamed I was on a path which was intersected by a flowing stream. Across the stream, an angel slept under a tree. When he sensed my presence, he jumped up and handed me a bunch of keys saying, “These are yours. Use them.” I woke, wondering what it meant.

Then, I was in charge of the newly-formed prayer ministry and by default, anything involving healing or deliverance would be referred to me. I was a newbie, and I knew I had to search for keys to freedom. I learned from Ellel Ministries, then Trinity Christian Centre, and then Restoring the Foundations. Each had its strengths and weaknesses. Each was helpful to set myself and others free, but each had limitations. We soon hit a ceiling as to how much freedom we received.

Then through a series of divine coincidences, I came across Sapphire Leadership Group, helmed by Arthur Burk. Through his teachings, I became aware of generational curses and blessings, and how seemingly “harmless” lifestyle choices can result in pretty dire consequences. I also learned how unholy spirits can have strongholds, not only in people, but also on land and property. I drank from his stream, and for many years was helped, and also helped others get free — but I hit a ceiling again.

A year passed, and then in April 2022, the Lord led me to HeartSync Ministries. That was revolutionary. I was set free from the abandonment issues that had plagued me since childhood — and in the process, I set others free as well.

I realized that the Lord had given me a bunch of keys in the spiritual realm, and a big part of my life consisted of finding and using them, one by one. When the key I had used to help others stopped working, I needed to wait until the Lord led me to the next key. And my friends who were patient and waited while I learned are reaping the results now.

You know who you are: Thank you for being patient and not giving up when the keys I had stopped working; thank you for having the faith to say Yes, when I said “I have a new key, would you like to try it?” Thank you for remaining a friend while I looked for the new key that would set you and I free. To each of my friends, I enjoy seeing you:

  • Reaping the rewards of inner satisfaction and material success in doing what God has created you to do
  • Immersing yourself in the abundant spiritual life which was hindered for so, so long
  • Overcoming the fear of death that you had sought ministry for over many years

And these are only a few testimonies that were shared with me.

It has been a long, eventful journey and I am sure more adventures, and more keys, await us. Thank you for being faithful friends. You know who you are.

Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash