Bloganuary Day 13

A good breakfast is necessary. Now, I am fixing bagels — bagels toasted in the oven, oozing with hot cut sausage, pan-fried tomato, fresh veggies and if I’m feeling really hungry, a sunny-side-up topped with melted cheese. Biting into the crunch of bagels mingled with spicy chorizos and the mildness of lettuce and tomato — it’s a symphony of goodness. I pair my bagel with chamomile, honey and vanilla tea and enjoy its sweet and mellow flavor.

Then, it’s time to focus on the music: My singers for today are Don Moen and Lenny LeBlanc. The big band leader-organiser vs the sweet balladist play off each other. They are in their winter years but have aged like good wine, as they say. Men who’ve made difficult choices but good ones have a gentle, mellow wisdom about them — although they are not devoid of some sharp edges. They call themselves the “two grumpy old men”, and with reason. Some of the grumpiness slipped out when spontaneous Lenny spotted Don’s carefully prepared song list and said, “What’s this? You don’t need this.” And sent it sailing to the floor! Long-suffering Don is taken aback, but recovers, and all goes smoothly.

Next, to check the Bloganuary prompt. If I’m inspired, I write straight away. If not, I may skip writing. Today is a good day. I’m inspired.

Then, to listen to cutting-edge Christian teacher Arthur Burk. Through using his principles, I’ve helped many get free of spiritual hindrances — not all, though. Some people are stuck in such murky stuff I can’t get them out. At least not yet. The world, as the hymn says, has “many dangers, toils and snares” and some desperately desire to be freed from the traps.

After hearing Arthur, I check through what he says. As usual, no issues with his interpretation. And next, I make a mental note to see if I can help one of my struggling clients with this new tool.

Then I meditate on passages in the Bible or pray quietly. These practices ground me. When I ground myself in Eternity, the irritations, annoyances and disappointments of the day slide off. There’s nothing like being intimately connected with the life-giving flow of the One “who was, and is, and is to come.” This makes my day perfect.

Mary and Eve

Mary and Eve, created by Sr. Grace Remington

Two vulnerable women, separated by centuries; the first, newly created, freshly made to enjoy Eden and not quite knowing the subtleties of the serpent. Young, innocent and separated from her husband for a while, the snake struck. “Is God really good?” it asked. “Has He really your good in mind? Or is He keeping His best from you?” Each word was a smoky tentacle reaching into the recesses of Eve’s brain, manipulating her thoughts, convincing her of the rightness of the serpent’s reasoning. Within her, something was saying, ‘No, no, no! That’s not right!”

But her mind was slowly convinced, controlled by the subtle lies of the serpent, agreeing with him that God was holding out His best from her. And so, she took the fruit, and ate. And Adam, coming in the last minute and watching the subtle deception that was taking place, drawn into the strangely hypnotic scene, took the fruit from Eve, and ate. Then the spell was broken. And God’s heart was broken.

Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” (Gen 3:13, NIV)

But God had a plan.

“I will put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
    and you will strike his heel.”
(Gen 3:15, NIV)

The serpent used an innocent woman to spring his evil plan of destruction of the human race. God would also use an innocent woman, a virgin, to spring His plan of redemption of the human race.

The battlefield is in the mind. Whom are you going to believe, this Christmas?

The Trojan Horse Gift

Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction. Deut 7:26 NIV

A client’s baby daughter could not sleep well ever since she was born. For two years, there was no peace for the family at night. She wondered what was wrong, so she called us in.

The first thing we saw in her house was an occult symbol over her front door. As we walked through all four floors, we noticed the most oppressive place was her daughter’s room. But we sensed the cause of that spiritual oppression was elsewhere — it was hanging over her front door.

So I said, “Let’s remove it, take it out of the house, put it in the rubbish bin, and see what happens.” She did so, removing the last traces of glue attaching that object to the door before wrapping it in a plastic bag and putting it in the garbage bin outside her house.

Then we went back to her daughter’s room. Remarkable difference. Gone was the heavy, foreboding presence — the air felt fresh and clean.

A year ago, the client had asked me to cleanse and bless her house and the object wasn’t there. So I asked her what happened. She said: “The next day, my mother-in-law brought the object and said it was a present for us. So as not to offend her, we hung it on the front door.”

This is what I call the Trojan Horse Tactic. God’s ancient enemy knows that Christians would not knowingly bring a “detestable object” into our house. So he uses well-meaning relatives and friends to give us a loaded gift, and even though we’re not comfortable with it, we feel obliged to keep it.

(A Trojan horse is a term derived from Greek mythology — the Greeks were besieging the city of Troy and it was impenetrable. So they left a “present” outside the city gate and pretended to sail away. It was a massive, beautifully carved horse that was hollow — Greek soldiers were hidden inside. The citizens marveled at the horse and pulled it in. The soldiers came out at night, opened the city gates and the army destroyed Troy).

So what do we do if we get a Trojan horse this Christmas? I reason like this: When a gift is given to us, it is ours, therefore we can do what we like with it. We can keep it, give it away if it’s a duplicate or if we think someone else needs it, or we can destroy it if it’s loaded with occult issues.

If someone really loves us, they won’t be offended if we tell them the reason. Perhaps they may even learn to check with us first before buying. If they get offended, then there’s something else at work — the gift is actually not a gift. There’s a hidden issue. And depending on how close you are to the friend or relative, you may need to spend some time figuring out how to healthify the relationship.

Breaking Free from a Broken System

When the movie “The Matrix” first came out, it hit something core in humanity. It was challenging us — would we choose the harshness of reality or remain in a comfortable delusion? The red pill or the blue pill.

Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash

When we choose the red pill, we need to acknowledge reality — that the system is broken; whether it’s family, work, or church. Second, we need to refuse the blue pill — go against the natural tendency to denial. To acknowledge that we are broken, that the system has effectively worked to break us, and we need healing. And this is hard. The blue pill is a real temptation.

In The Matrix, there’s something evil working behind the scenes using humans as its tools. So it is, in this world.

I was only a child when to my surprise and horror, I saw a whole flood of small “somethings” similar to black insects coming out from a traditional Chinese calendar featuring a pretty woman. One of those classic beauties. With all my might, I yelled, “No!” and the scene disappeared. I kept what I saw to myself. After I came to the Christian faith, I realised they were demons, a reality that Jesus dealt with on a daily basis. And that we deal with pretty often, but because we’ve been fed with the blue pill, we deny they exist. And when we deny they exist, we’re not tuned in to the fact that some of the “stuff” happening to us may not be as innocuous as it seems.

Refuse the blue pill. Take the red one. Because Jesus exists too. And He has the last Word.

How I Got Involved in Deliverance

You don’t choose to get involved in deliverance ministry, God chooses you.

My first deliverance ministry came about involuntarily. I was with two others who were part of my prayer group, having fun and fellowship and dinner at the KFC that momentous night. Someone we knew came up to us, and said God told him to look for a group that was in unity, and ask them to help him get rid of a spirit. And he spotted us.

We already knew he had a spirit — we could see it in his eyes — what we didn’t know was whether we could deliver him. But he was keen, and I was the leader, and I thought, ‘Well, no harm trying’. He led us to his office. I asked him to sit in the centre, while I sat behind him and the other two were at his side. We started praying very fervently as we didn’t know what else to do.

Then, I heard the Lord say, “Lay hands on him.” At the same time, Jenny, sitting on my right, looked at me with big eyes and said, “I think we should lay hands on him.” I didn’t really want to, but I obeyed, putting my right hand on his back and uttering the first words that came to mind: “Spirit, be gone!” To my surprise, power shot out from my hand, he fell from his chair and lay crouched on the ground for a number of seconds while our prayer volume increased immensely! After a while, he opened his eyes and said with astonishment, “The spirit is gone!”

He explained he had tried to command it to leave by himself, but nothing happened until he sought God, heard from Him and found us. He also told us that when he fell from the chair, he blacked out for a while as the spirit left him.

Many years later, I bumped into this man in a gathering and I could see that his eyes were still clear. He confirmed he had remained free from that issue and in the meantime he’d gotten married. His wife definitely got a much better man.

I also learned a key lesson from that eventful night: In order to have an effective prayer ministry, the group has to be on good terms with one another and united in purpose before His power would flow. God works in the midst of love.

A Little Piece of Heaven

She stands in the midst of all the glory of the worship and praise of God in heaven surrounded by innumerable numbers of heavenly beings, and there’s a sudden hush and all eyes turn on her as the Lord beckons her forth. And she’s eager, excited, eyes shining in anticipation; she has been waiting since the beginning of time for this assignment on Earth… And as the Lord beckons, the silence deepens. And He looks into her eyes right into the very core of her. 

And she’s liquid and yet solid, she’s malleable like gold and tougher than diamond; fragile, beautiful and complex like a cobweb laced with morning dew sparkling in the sun and yet… stronger than titanium. And then she is sent forth with nothing but a little piece of heaven in her tiny hand and with the admonition, “Never let that go”. That’s all she has, but that’s all she needs.  

And in all the ensuing battles on earth, she has held on, and held on, and held on. When the winds were howling and darkness was assailing, that little piece of heaven held her, sustained her, healed her. That faint memory of how it was, how it is, and how it will be. A steadfast, stubborn faithfulness to the call of God in the midst of everything telling her to give up, get out, compromise, turn your back… 

The movies tell us heroes are tough guys with amazing weapons, physical strength and extraterrestrial power that will knock out all their enemies. That’s a lie. The real heroine is one who knocks out all her enemies by staying faithful to His call in spite of… everything.  And that is so stunningly beautiful. 

Introduction and Update 2022

I grew up in a non-Christian family and at 31, had a life-changing encounter with Jesus that resulted in a full-time call to ministry. I studied at Trinity Theological College, obtaining an M. Div before starting work in Wesley Methodist Church Singapore in 1997. I was in charge of the newly-formed Prayer Ministry and subsequently recruited a team of 40 to pray for the services on a rostered basis, introducing Conversational Prayer as the modality.

Amongst many other activities, I introduced courses from the Lifeway series such as Disciple’s Prayer Life, Experiencing God, and Spiritual Warfare, and spear-headed an overnight Concert of Prayer, the first of its kind in Wesley.

I also began a search for inner healing and deliverance modalities.

In my explorations, I went through different types of training, both locally and overseas. In 2008 I came across Restoring the Foundations (RTF) that was just beginning to set up in Singapore. I saw it was a good introduction to believers seeking freedom, and was subsequently trained in Issue-Focused Ministry. In early 2014, a spiritually sensitive and intelligent woman mentioned in a session that she saw an ancestral spirit following her. This was new to me. It did go after she told it to go, but the encounter stayed in my mind.

Later in the year, I attended a seminar on physical healing led by Dr Frans Cronje and realised he knew something of the phenomenon. Dr Frans then introduced me to Sapphire Leadership Group (SLG), founded and headed by Arthur Burk. Through his teachings, I learned to get to the root of spiritual strongholds, both in people and on properties.

In 2018, the Lord called me out of the church to set up Tree of Healing Ministries. I was very busy until April 2021, when it seemed like a switch was thrown and everything went into slow motion — I thought it was time to retire! Through a series of divine coincidences, He introduced me to HeartSync Ministries (HS) that was founded by Fr Andrew Miller, an Anglican who is also an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I was pleasantly surprised to see that his modality is accepted and practised by both clinicians and non-clinicians.

So what’s the difference between SLG and HS? Broadly speaking, SLG deals with spiritual warfare — generational curses, spiritual entities, lifestyle issues and land issues (I famously had to get rid of an entity that had taken hold of a corner of a shared office I had newly moved to and was spooking my intercessors); HS deals with the wounds in the heart that result in inner conflicts and distrust of God. The two ministries complement each other.

Now, depending on the presenting issue, I and my clients can choose either SLG’s principles of spiritual warfare or HS’ modality of ministry to the heart.

Kathlyn Tsang