Bloganuary Day 19

I became a member of a traditional denomination in 1989. Sometime in the early 90s, we had Sunday evening services, held in the then “new” wing, about 13 years old that time. These would finish around 9pm or later, depending on the preacher. A friend and I were regulars.

One Sunday, after the evening service had finished, my friend was walking down the stairs towards the main road, I following behind, when she suddenly exclaimed: “Something touched my leg!” We stopped and instinctively looked to the right where there was a cluster of green plants, about waist high. The bushes were moving in a deliberate manner as if something was pushing past, except that “something” couldn’t be seen.

I wondered about that intrusion:

  • What was that?
  • As Christians, we know there’s a boundary between the seen and unseen world, which is not to be crossed. But something crossed it anyway.
  • Third, why was my friend vulnerable to it?

Today’s question brought back a minor incident which I thought I had forgotten. I guess it’s still filed somewhere in the back of my mind, in the “Mystery” drawer, where I had put it 30 years ago.