The God of Small Things

Today, I decided to fix the bathroom sink that had started to drain s-l-o-w-l-y. So, assured by Mr Google that it’s easy, I proceeded to unscrew Top A from Middle B, took out Screw C and cleaned out the gunk that hadn’t been flushed down the pipe but rather, had accumulated over two years.

Then, it was time to put A,B,C back together. First, I had to put Screw C in the right place. I tried to put it on top of Nail D. Nope, didn’t work despite all the wiggling. I was desperate. “I’ve messed up”, I thought. I may need to call the plumber.

Then, God dropped a picture in my brain which disappeared as fast as it arrived. But I got it.

I had to put the loop in Screw C through Nail D that was sticking out a few inches down the pipe. That accomplished, Middle B had to go through C, which was tricky as C wasn’t stable. I said, “I need some help, Lord”. Immediately, B went through C. And then putting A on top of B was easy-peasy.

The God of Detail that does not forget five sparrows that are sold, that numbers the very hairs on our head, is also interested in helping one of his children fix the bathroom sink.


Image by WarrenMae Investment Group from Pixabay

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