Bloganuary Day 22

It seems easier to trust Google more than we trust God. Google has all the answers. Type in anything and the answers, true or false, will come up in a millisecond.

Trusting God is a more… esoteric experience. But He challenges us to do exactly that:

It’s a heart matter, a love matter actually; people in love may act in quite irrational ways — at least that’s how pragmatic people will view it.

In my culture, we’re urged to get the 5Cs — cash, credit card, car, condominium, and membership in a country club. That’s a sign of having “arrived”.

In contrast, God tells us to be counter-culture — give up everything, including all the signs of having “arrived”, and follow Him. That is not comfortable. Not at all.

There’s even more. He says:

Jesus, I have found, has a tendency to up the ante.

Years ago, I was faced with that choice — to choose what the culture tells me is the right thing to do, or to choose what Jesus tells me to do. I did the latter.

It has been an excellent decision.